…is the weather really designed to malign?

Simple Steps to Your Big Success

Do you take heavy traffic personally? You know, as if all of the other complaining as a strategy doens't workcars on the road are there specifically to make you late for where-ever you are going?

Do you believe that poor weather is a personal affront and should be dealt with through frustration and verbal abuse?

Are you a … COMPLAINER?

Be honest with yourself, do you honestly, truly believe that constantly complaining about this and that is going to change this… or that?

Complaining constantly is more of a habit, then an actual thought process. It’s possible that a long long long time ago when we were very tiny, we could complain and the powers that be would actually change something to make our lives better. (perhaps a cry for a wet diaper, or a cry for a hungry tummy)

As adults, we are the kings and queens of our domain. If we don’t do…

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