Good monday bloggers, SASMEF said, When you do not listen to the music you could be doing the march when you should be waltzing: Bill sparks “red tape’ fear.

The intention of the DTI for introducing the licensing Bill is good but it is the wrong dance for the current music. The current music class for the creation of new business they increase in job creation and the alleviation of poverty.
The music is not a march it is an invitation to participation.

The lyric of the music is this:
SME’s are the expression of free initiative, social inclusion and citizenship.
Therefore let us directly and indirectly influences the life of entrepreneurs, associates, employees, suppliers, family members and the entire social chain.
SME’s are the democracy of opportunities, come and share
An engagement is needed and this involves a preparation and an understanding, an education, if you will. That is the start.

And you cannot have that start when you do not have one voice. The economy is so fragmented, The Government administration is so fragmented, Business Big and Small is so fragmented. That if you want to make a roll call, it will be a voice in the desert.
It will also be a huge cost to the fiscus at time when the administration is weak implementation.

Without a doubt, we need to have a central register of business. It will provide for statistical information that is needed to plan support for business and so on. This kind of information appears to be lacking in all countries when SME planning is undertaken.
But first it must be part of training and preparation. The music will change and the marching music will later begin.

Without One voice for SME, there will be no participation and no common mind.
That is why South African Small and Medium Enterprises Federation (SASMEF) calls for a codesa on economic development where such as the proposed bill can be discussed and buy-in sought.
SASMEF has already taken the initiative and set the scene.

SASMEF with University of Western Cape has instituted the UWC Chancellors Round Table on Economic Development as the forerunner to the codesa where SME can find common ground, an opportunity to participate in the laws and regulations that will shape their participation in the economy, a place where they will share ideas and learn the necessity of good regulation and where from the SME experience they can eliminate that which is red tape and support rules that which are beneficial to healthy creative environment for the building of entrepreneurs, creating of jobs and the alleviation of poverty.

Join SASMEF, participate in the UWC Round table for Economic Development lay the foundations for a codesa of economic development, call a general assembly of SME and begin dance with the appropriate music.


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